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Energy Conservation

PWC offers several weatherization services to help homeowners and renters take control of their energy usage and save on their utility bills.


Home Repairs

PWC provides critical – not cosmetic – home repair services to its clients. This type of home maintenance is performed by PWC’s trained, licensed and bonded staff of skilled tradesmen, including plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and HVAC technicians.

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Modifications for Mobility

Modifications for Mobility is a critical program for PWC, targeting complicated home modification projects that are typically too expensive for its low-income, disabled clients. Modifications made under this program assist some of PWC’s most vulnerable clients, improving their daily mobility and independence.


Whole Home 

As a service of People Working Cooperatively, we provide the experience and expertise to handle any modifications project. Whole Home can help you with everything from renting or purchasing ramps, installing grab bars to universal design modifications. In 2019, PWC opened the Whole Home Innovation Center. Building upon PWC’s 44 years of experience repairing homes, the Center focuses on health, home, and how the two intersect under one roof. 



PWC and Whole Home offer several educational opportunities that give you the knowledge and skills to live safe and healthy in your own home. 

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