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The 1975 Legacy Society

People Working Cooperatively’s 1975 Legacy Society recognizes and honors individuals and families who, through their estate planning, have established a planned gift to benefit PWC. These future gifts can take many forms, such as a bequest through a will or personal trust or one of several charitable life-income plans.

Many supporters say they want to give more to People Working Cooperatively, but cannot afford to currently do so. Planned gifts allow many donors to provide future support at a higher level, even while receiving income for life and tax benefits.

How to Join

The following types of commitments, confirmed in writing, qualify you for membership in the 1975 Legacy Society:

  • a bequest provision in your will or revocable trust;

  • a life-income gift that names the People Working Cooperatively as a remainder beneficiary;

  • a gift or assignment of qualified retirement plan asset such as an IRA, 401(k) or 403(b);

  • a gift of life insurance.

  • Other assets


If you have already included People Working Cooperatively in a bequest or other planned gift, please let us know in writing. Your willingness to be listed as a member of the 1975 Legacy Society encourages others to follow your example.

We acknowledge and respect those who wish to remain anonymous, but ask that you let us know of your plans on a confidential basis. It allows us to include your commitment into our own long-term strategic planning.

If you have not yet included People Working Cooperatively in your plans and you want to explore the best options for you and your family, please contact us. We would be glad to assist you confidentially, without any obligation.

Benefits of Membership

In an effort to preserve your legacy, we have chosen a few simple ways to recognize your commitment.

  • A brick engraved with your name will be installed in PWC’s Brick Garden with the other 1975 Legacy Society members.

  • Recognized as a 1975 Legacy Society member in PWC’s Annual Report.

  • Will be inducted in to the 1975 Legacy Society at PWC’s next Annual Recognition Celebration event.


The greatest membership benefit of the 1975 Legacy Society is the satisfaction of knowing that your long-range plans will help PWC continue to provide critical repairs and services for our clients.

For more information on PWC’s 1975 Legacy Society, please contact Christine Owens, Vice-President of Development at 513-482-5118 or

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