Repair Affair

PWC's 38th Annual Repair Affair Postponed

Thank you for staying connected to us as we work together to overcome the challenges of the Coronavirus in our communities. Given the guidance from the States of Ohio and Kentucky

limiting social gatherings and other public health recommendations, we made the decision to combine Repair Affair with this year's Prepare Affair for one large volunteer event.


Please visit our 45 Days of Service page here to learn more!

What is Repair Affair?

Repair Affair is PWC's annual spring volunteer event. Form a small group of volunteers with home repair skills and make a concrete difference in the lives of our low-income neighbors by:

Installing handrails

  • Repairing drywall

  • Fixing leaky plumbing

  • Repairing damaged walkways and steps

  • Performing other home maintenance for our clients

Who should volunteer for Repair Affair?

PWC is looking for individuals and small groups with home repair skills who can provide their own tools, and who are comfortable taking ownership of a minor home repair project. Though PWC staff will assess all projects ahead of time and will be available for technical support leading up to and during the event, we are unable to staff each Repair Affair project with a PWC technician. The best way for us to stretch our limited funding for this event is to rely on our capable volunteer crews to make it happen! 

How are clients selected for Repair Affair?

PWC selects projects from its existing waiting list that are appropriate for volunteer groups. Volunteer provided services are specifically for our elderly clients, and those living with a disability, who are eligible to receive services based on household income, which is verified. 

How to get involved: 

Recruit a group of friends with home repair skills, or organize a team from your company, school or faith-based community!

Register online or contact Aaron Grant at, or 513-482-5120

Your group will be matched with a project that fits your skills and preferences. PWC will provide all materials, any necessary prep-work and handle debris disposal. We ask our volunteers to bring their own tools and commit to at least four hours of service.

What Impact will I have?

PWC’s clients are all low-income homeowners, most of whom are seniors living on a fixed income. Though PWC employs a full-time staff of technicians to make critical emergency repairs throughout the year, the need frequently outstrips available resources, and many minor repairs end up on our lengthy waiting list. By volunteering for Repair Affair, volunteers will help pick away at this list and improve the safety and quality of life of the clients they serve.

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