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'Tis the {Repair Affair} Season!

2019 marks PWC’s 37th Annual Repair Affair! As many of you know, RA is no longer a single day event….it’s a “season” of volunteer projects. While the majority of the RA projects took place on May 11th, more than a dozen additional projects are taking place in the months of May and June. BB&T had 2 teams at work this past Wednesday, Spectrum will be hosting 2 teams on June 1st and Home Depot will be completing 12 projects in June. With generous sponsorships from organizations like the City of Cincinnati and the Home Depot Foundation, and 2400 hours of service from over 500 volunteers, Repair Affair will assist 68 homeowners in our community.

During the May 11th event, news crews from WCPO-9 On Your Side, WLWT NBC and WKRC-Local 12 visited sites to interview volunteers and staff and take footage of the work being done. A huge thank you to Mark Maciejewski from Al. Neyer, Chris Jarc from Hixson, and Nina Creech for representing Repair Affair and the mission of PWC on-air! We received 14 placements from these stations over the weekend - great coverage for PWC!

WKRC-Local 12 did 3 live spots at 5:30am, 6:30am and 7:30am. Click here to see the 6:30am interview with Nina Creech:

Thank you to everyone who was involved in making Repair Affair a success!

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