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Colerain Township 7th Annual 
Community Give-Back Day
Saturday, October 7th

Volunteer to help low income, elderly, people with a disability or veteran neighbors with basic home maintenance and repairs. (Install handrails/grab bars, repair plumbing, repair steps/walks or major yard clean-up.)


Homes throughout Colerain Township. Kick-off at Colerain Community Center (4300 Springdale Rd.), 7:30am - 8:15am, for coffee and donuts. Then, depart to work projects at 8:15am until 12:30ish pm.


PWC, Colerain Township Fire & EMS, Colerain Police Department, Colerain Township Administration and Public Works, Colerain Chamber of Commerce and employees of Colerain Township businesses, Colerain and Northwest High Schools, Faith-based groups, and the residents of the Colerain Township Community, along with families and friends!!!


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