PWC's Ramp It Up For Veterans Campaign

PWC kicked-off the agency’s 8th annual campaign on September 11th, Patriot Day, to assist low-income veterans and/or veterans living with disabilities throughout Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. In the previous four years, PWC has provided services for over 3,000 households of veterans or their surviving spouse.

PWC is committed to this program because the need continues to escalate with the aging demographics of the veterans throughout our local communities as evidenced below: 

TriState Veterans Snapshot

Currently, veterans in the TriState region represent 135,421 veterans (8.1%) out of a population of 1,671,766 (18+).

The fastest growing demographic of veterans are those 65 years and older, with a population of 60,686 or 45% of all veterans in our community.

20,313 (15%) of the veteran's population are currently living below the poverty level. 4,051 (45%) live in Hamilton County. 

2,610 (29%) of the veterans living below the poverty level are 65 years and older.

34,966 (26%) of veterans in the Tri-State have a disability and 11,765 (34%) live in Hamilton County.

 * 2014; Department of Veterans Affairs

* TVCVeteran & Families Community Report 7/2018

Veteran Events with People Working Cooperatively

PWC's Ramp It Up For Veterans Annual Telethon - Changing lives one CALL at a time

“Call to Arms” please invite your friends, family members, co-workers, military associations, school alumni, faith-based groups etc. to call our telethon to change the lives of our low income elderly and disabled veterans throughout Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. NO donation too small PWC leverages EVERY dollar that is brought in by donors. We Need YOUR help!!! This year the WCPO Ramp It Up for Veterans Telethon raised more than $80,000! Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign. Check back soon for details on next year's event. 





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