Keenan Beauchamp

Volunteer Stories

Keenan Beauchamp

“We installed a ramp Saturday for Mrs. Sheffield in Covington, KY. Sara did the assessment and can attest that the poor woman can barely walk using here cane. She sat in the kitchen while we assembled the ramp and kept telling us how thankful she was. She talked about finally being able to get out of her house, go to church, and ride her scooter around the neighborhood, catching up with her neighbors.

After we finished, I was snapping some photos of she and the ramp. I noticed she'd taken her glasses off and was wiping her face. Here eyes were slightly red. I asked if she was okay, then realized she was sitting in her kitchen doorway, looking at the ramp and was crying. I told her she was going to turn all of us into weepy messes if she wasn't careful.

At Redeemer, we call these "God moments." A moment when we see God in our midst.

After paperwork was done she gave me a hug and one more thanks before I left.”

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