Steve Schaefer

Donor Stories

Steve Schaefer

Steve has been a volunteer and a donor for more than eight years. Steve is a structural engineer and when he got involved with PWC he was the outreach coordinator for his church. He volunteers and chooses to support PWC’s mission because he feels we do good work.

Steve has fond memories of volunteering.

“Quite a few years ago at the first PWC Prepare Affair home on which I worked, the homeowner was a frail 93 year old lady. Her gutters were packed with leaves and pine needles. It was clear that they hadn’t been cleaned for a few years. The lady was almost in tears because she had never required what she considered charity from others.

The client repeatedly apologized for not having cleaned the gutters in the past three years. Prior to that, even at 90 years old, this frail lady got the ladder out and cleaned her own gutters! I told her that she shouldn’t feel bad, as she is exactly the type of person that PWC intended to help and we were glad to do it.”

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