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Bill Sedwick

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Jim Ramsey & Bill Sedwick

It’s a warm spring afternoon during a PWC project, and long-time field service volunteers Jim Ramsey and Bill Sedwick are knee deep in some very dry humor.

“Hey Bill, had enough of digging latrines?” Jim cracks. “ That’s what you get for retiring from P&G!”

Their warmth for each other and their passion for PWC’s mission are self evident in the care they take with every project. Both retired from Procter & Gamble, the pair has volunteered for PWC a total of 13 years (Sedwick started in late 2001, Ramsey in 2002) volunteering almost weekly, or whenever they get the call.

“The bond is that we all share the same interest and objectives for the home owners,” Sedwick, 64, noted. “A lot of us have gotten to know and like each other at PWC and on repair trips to the Gulf Coast. The humor comes naturally - we provide the ammunition daily by our job approaches!

Stepping up from volunteer to donor was a natural evolution for both volunteers.

“I am committed to the work that PWC does,” said Ramsey, 60. “However, I was not a donor of any significance until this year. Honestly, I saw that Bill was a donor, and I said ‘I can do this too.’

My wife and I have been blessed with having more than ‘enough,’ so we are looking at ways to give back. I gave to the endowment so our gift will continue to contribute to PWC’s work.”

“I have always been a United Fund supporter through my working career so had the “habit” of giving to charitable organizations,” said Sedwick. “Made sense to my wife and me to continue giving directly ... It is easy to see the donations at work every day we volunteer.”

“As long as I can do the work, I will stay involved with PWC and the Field Service Volunteer Program. For me, the program is set up extremely well,” said Ramsey. “I have not met anyone at PWC who does not have a special commitment to the clients, and have not gone out of their way to make the volunteers feel important to the overall effort... In general, I am touched by the real need right here in our community, and the gratitude of our clients for even a little help.”

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