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Energy Conservation (Weatherization)

Take Control Of Your Home

PWC offers several services to help homeowners and renters take control of their energy usage and save on their utility bills. Depending on your location and your specific needs, below are some of the services you could receive:


Energy Services:

Duke Energy Weatherization Program

Serves Ohio and Kentucky. Clients must pay for their own heat thorugh Duke Energy

Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP)

Funded through the State of Ohio. Serves Hamilton County only. All heating sources may qualify.

Participants in all weatherization programs may benefit from the following:


  • Energy audit
  • Furnace cleaning and tuning
  • Installation of weatherization materials  (when appropriate)
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Health and safety check of all combustion appliances in home
  • Energy education tips



Electric Partnership Program (EPP)

The Electric Partnership Program is designed specifically for clients currently enrolled in or income eligible for the Percentage of Income Payment Program (PIPP), an extended payment arrangement that requires regulated gas and electric  companies to accept payments based on a percentage of the household income. Participants work with one of PWC’s staff auditors to develop an energy action plan to help do the following:

Reduce the need for electricity

Save on energy expenses

Reduce growth of PIPP arrearage


Contact PWC at 513.351.7921 in Ohio, or 859.331.1991 in Kentucky. 

The application process is simple, but we will need to verify your household information (income, etc.). We will take your information over the phone, and mail you the application already filled out.  Just sign it, and send in any additional documentation that may be needed.


What Happens Once I Qualify?

Once you have completed the application process, a representative of PWC will contact you to schedule a home visit to determine your energy needs and discuss how we can best help you.  And don't worry - PWC’S service professionals are trained, licensed and bonded!  PWC is a proud member of the Greater Cincinnati Better Business Bureau.

Find out of if you are eligible to apply for PWC Energy Conservation (Weatherization) services.


Link for Ohio's Home Weatherization Assistance Program contact page: http://development.ohio.gov/contactus/Contactinfo.aspx




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