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Huge budget cuts threaten to impact precious operating dollars - we need your help.

The City of Cincinnati is recommending a huge budget cut of over $305,000 for People Working Cooperatively.  These are precious operating dollars for PWC that will have an impact on our operating budget and for the low income, elderly and disabled homeowners and veterans we serve.  

Some city council people are proposing to restore $150,000 of the cut money, but nothing is set in stone. There is a hearing on Oct.27 and the final hearing is Oct. 29. PWC is grateful for their willingness to help, but restoring the $305,000 is crucial to our well-being.

Thank you so much for your support so far. So many people have reached out to contact our city officials. But the fight is not over. Please remain active in your efforts to write to city council and the mayor. Every letter sends a powerful message.

1. Every $1.00 the City eliminates from PWC’s budget actually reduces the budget by $3.00; reducing important matching funds from the private and other government sources that PWC brings to the City.  The proposed $305,000 cut to PWC will actually reduce over $900,000 in dollars and services to City residents.

2. PWC was the only program ranked in the highest category by the Community Development Advisory Board to have its funding reduced.


Impact on Clients & City Residents
  • Over 300 Cincinnati households will not have heat or water this winter because of this budget cut
  • 60% of these people are over 60 years old
  • 20% are over 80 years old
  • 30% are children
  • Where will these fragile elderly and disabled residents go for housing?
  • PWC keeps Cincinnati’s housing stock stable and increases property values even for non-PWC clients.
  • Homeowners are healthier and safer as a result of the PWC’s high quality service. Reducing funds to PWC not only reduces emergency repairs for fragile elderly and disabled residents and veterans, it also reduces jobs for Cincinnatians.
About People Working Cooperatively

Incorporated in 1975, People Working Cooperatively (PWC) is a non-profit organization serving low-income, elderly, and disabled homeowners in 20 counties of Southwestern Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Indiana. PWC strengthens communities by providing professional, critical home repair, weatherization, modification, and maintenance services to help residents stay safely in their homes. In the last 39 years, PWC’s staff of licensed, trained employees and dedicated corps of 6,000 volunteers have assisted more than 250,000 individuals. For more information, call (513) 351-7921.




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