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Enquirer “Look Who’s Talking” Talks to Jock Pitts

Posted on December 13, 2011 by

People Working Cooperatively President Jock Pitts recently took a moment to talk with The Cincinnati Enquirer about PWC and the good news we received from our independent evaluation.

The evaluation, which was conducted by the Economics Center at the University of Cincinnati, along with Boston-based The Cadmus Group, showed the impact PWC is making in the community. Jock was able to share with the Enquirer that PWC’s programs are increasing property values of the homeowners they serve, and strengthening local communities.

“It is significant to have research that demonstrates how PWC delivers long-lasting value to the entire community,” Jock said. “In today’s housing crisis, we learned that PWC’s program has improved housing values (6-10 percent) for the homes we serve as well as neighboring homes (2-4 percent).”

If you missed the article in Sunday’s paper, you can check it out online. And if you’re interested in learning more about the independent evaluation, you can read more from the Economics Center at the University of Cincinnati.

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