The PWC Impact Study

This important report demonstrates the value that People Working Cooperatively brings to the entire region through its unique whole house strategy. Completed in conjunction with the Cadmus Research Group and the Economics Center at the University of Cincinnati, the report revealed three key findings that show the community impact of PWC's comprehensive "Whole House" strategy. 

  1. 1. Housing Values Increase- The value of a home PWC has served increases 6 to10 percent; houses in the surrounding neighborhood benefit from a 1 to 3 percent increase. 

  1. 2. Student Mobility- students who live in homes served by PWC increase in academic performance because they move less often.

  1. 3. Increase in Overall Health of Homeowners- owners of homes served by PWC benefit from increased health and wellbeing.  After PWC’s services, 44 percent of clients reported improved health and 15 percent sought medical attention less frequently.

Please see the links below for the executive summary and the comprehensive report.

Cadmus Executive Summary

Cadmus Final Report



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