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Diana Adams

Director of Administration


Diana Adams has been with People Working Cooperatively (PWC) since 1994 and currently serves as the agency’s Director of Administration. In this position, Diana oversees the IT function, information officer, customer service, back office support and specialized program administration. Diana is on a constant quest to streamline our organizational processes that help improve the efficiencies of PWC’s across all aspects of PWC; including automating processes and integrating systems.  Her efforts over the years have resulted in tremendous cost savings for the agency, in addition to valuable information exchange needed to manage PWC’s daily operations.

Prior to her current position at PWC, Diana fulfilled several other roles at the agency. She has truly come up through the ranks.  Diana worked in purchasing, accounting, and customer service. She was promoted in different management positions over the last eight years, before accepting the position as the Director of Administration.

Diana has had a long road to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership as a non-traditional student for many years.  In 2009, Diana became a graduate of the University of Cincinnati.   She is a Cincinnati native and is the proud mother of three children. 

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