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Jackson J

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"As Jackson grew, we had more needs! We are so thankful for PWC and the donors that made this happen for our family!"

- Jackson J -
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Four years ago, a baby boy named Jackson was born prematurely at only 24 weeks, weighing 1 lb., 2 oz., to a birth mother with drug problems and a biological father with domestic violence issues. After several months spent at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in the NICU, Jackson was finally able to go home. But, just nine hours later he returned to Children’s Hospital with broken legs and arms, and other serious trauma. He was back at the hospital and would need to stay for quite some time.

JJ and Rebekah were living with their two boys, William and Austin, in a modest home in Florence, Ky. The daughter of a missionary, Rebekah grew up believing in the importance of giving and service. This truly inspiring woman just knew she and her family could be doing more for others than they had been. And so, they opened their home to foster children, specifically those who have been mistreated or have special needs. After fostering 12 children – three of whom were classified as medically fragile – the Johnsons met Jackson.

Jackson was in very poor condition, with 46 separate diagnoses, including cerebral palsy, breathing problems and a host of other complicated care issues. Jackson came to live with Rebekah and JJ and their boys, but his health quickly deteriorated. The doctors told the Johnsons that Jackson would not survive, and had hospice services brought in for him. But, with the love and care of Rebekah, JJ, and their two boys, Jackson has defied the odds. He has grown into a spunky, playful four-year-old under the care of his now adoptive family.Jackson will always have serious health issues, that much is a given. As he continued to grow, the Johnsons’ modest home became a problem. This family of five lives in a one-bathroom, 950-square-foot home. The two boys, William and Austin, willingly gave up their bedroom so their new brother would have room for his medical equipment. They sleep in a closet-sized room big enough only for their bunk beds. This is where PWC comes in.

Thanks to PWC's generous donors at the 2016 Hometown Hollywood gala, People Working Cooperatively was able to raise $65,000 for this family. This project would typically be outside of our financial capabilities, but thanks to those generous donors, it’s become a reality.

PWC employees were able to add an additional room and bathroom onto this home, along with several system upgrades, such as a whole house air purifier, necessary for Jackson’s health to improve.

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